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90+ quality Treasure Map 3 day Weekend Event!!
Greetings my fellow map holders,

Do you have an urge to complete your 90+ treasure maps? Or just to get some affinity orbs and loot?

Well guess what this weekend is for you then! Starting on Sat. and running through Monday between the hours of 3pm Eastern and 6pm Eastern each day, the great Map Quest Event shall take place!

Here is how it works.

1) You need to track down where your map is and mark a rune to that location.

2) Please sign up by posting a reply below on what day and time you would like to complete your map. First come first serve on the order please. This is a 9 hour event across three days so dozens of maps can be completed in this time period.

3) Please see the new 90+ quality treasure map loot distribution rules sticky posted above.

4) Show up and have a good time, everyone is welcome.

Map Loot Rules

Jake- 1st battle
Zail- 2nd battle


Gotharic- 93 & 98ql- No preferred time slot
I will get in place to do a 93 and 98 on Monday, I have family coming on the weekend, so I may not get to Saturday or Sunday.
I'll help out Big Grin don't have no maps though.
Jake would like to do his map as early as he can tomorrow, and apparently Zail would like to do his right after Jake's.
Dragons Breath has multiple maps that can be filled in any time slot Smile

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