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How to make meals with an affinity of your choice
Have you ever wished you could make meals that gave you a certain buff to help with your skill gain? Well wish no longer friends as this post will explain how you too can make meals with any skill buff in the game. Any meal you make with give the same affinity buff to another player now on our server.
Required items:
1)      Access to the website
2)      The ability to add and subtract (calculators sold separately)
3)      The use of a mouse or other peripheral device for input on drop down menus (batteries sold separately)
The process (steps)
Step 1   visit the webpage
Step 2 click on the Setup Box
[Image: yH5fkQ3.jpg]
Step 3 input what your cooking item is (campfire, forge, or oven) and its rarity (normal, rare, supreme) on the top line. Input what container you use to cook in (frying pan, baking stone, pottery bowl, etc.) in line two. In the 3rd and 4th lines input a meat and vegetable for a meal you must cook and taste. In the 5th and last line input what affinity the meal you made in lines 3 and 4 gave you? This calibrates the program for the rest of the process

[Image: pe78tKc.jpg]
Step 4 Click on the Meal Maker

[Image: 3qTi5bC.jpg]

Step 5 Input on line one under Meal Box what your cooking item is and its rarity like you did in the set up box (campfire, forge, or oven). Input on line 2 the container you are cooking with (frying pan, baking stone, etc.)
Step 6 Input what affinity you want on the top right.
Step 7 (the fun part) Just under where you input your item and container is 3 columns of drop downs.  The far left (1st column) is the item (meat, veg. herb, dough, herb, fruit, nut, etc.) The middle column is for if the item is chopped, diced, ground, mashed, or for dough what type of dough (oat, wheat, rye, or barley). The third column is for if you are using a rare, supreme, or fantastic (meat, veg, etc.)
Each type of meat has a point value, as does each type of herb, fruit, nut, cheese, dough/bread and veg. If you look below you will see Humanoid is+25 however beef is +16 (the lowest value) and tough is +31 (the highest meat point value)

[Image: LreCi1z.jpg]
Step 8 Add/remove, or change the items (meat, veg., herb, etc.) along with their condition (chopped, whole, etc.) until you get the numbers to match for the affinity you want. As you see above you would need to remove one point of the meal or add 137 more points for the Aggressive Fighting affinity. You will need to change one or more ingredients and their condition (whole vs chopped) until you get the exact match like you see below.
[Image: E8BHKLd.jpg]

As you see above changing tomato out for cabbage was the +1 needed to make this meal with Aggressive Fighting affinity.

The more ingredients you use the more your bars will fill up and longer the buff will last. If you prefer you can make pizza vs a meal. Making pizza is a little more complicated, but the buff generally lasts longer and will fill all of your bars up.

Special note for making a pizza is that you must:
Use a baking stone
Use passata (garlic, tomato, and herb mashed with a fork in a pottery bowl)
 Use a dough (dough =ground grain mixed with water ) don’t forget to also input in the second column what type it is (wheat, oat, etc.)
One or More of the Following
Use a cheese
Use a ground spice
A chopped veg.
A chopped herb
[Image: lWzcV32.jpg]

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