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Server Mods - Telseron - 02-27-2017

Basic Server Information

4096x4096 map
Freedom Isles kingdom with WL/BL priests enabled
Single Target DPS Magic Spells reduced in cost to 3 favor.  Allows magic to be commonly used in combat.
Soulstealing - using your statuette on a corpse gives a chance for favor recovery equal to the QL of the soul obtained.
75000 creatures, 75% aggro
Epic skill curve (actual/effective), 1.2x skill multiplier, 5x action timers
Body Strength 23, Body Control 25, Mind Logic 25
Upkeep is enabled, founding costs disabled
Epic Missions enabled for Karma gain and sorcery
Village portal system to allow for easy travel
Recall runes for setting your own teleport points
Animals can be converted to token for portal use, no stablemaster required
Online Map found at http://www.pveplands.com/map/

Pveplands Mods

  • Armour unequip/equip all - Quickly removes all your armor to your inventory. Right click any armor piece in character window > unequip all. To quickly equip, use shift click and drag/drop cb gear onto body in character window
  • Custom/Improved Armour and Weapons
  • Dual Wield - Timers for dual wielding have been adjusted and include using items like butcher knife as weapons
  • Bounty Mod - Bounty rewarded for creature kills which will deposit directly in the bank of players that helped on the kill. Amount is determined by a set algorithm from the creatures cb stats
  • Custom Creatures - Traditional animalsValrei creatures, Chargers, Large Boar, Forest Spider, Spirit Troll, Giant, Avenger and Wyverns (Red, Green, White and Black). Treasure Map chests may also include Rift mobs (Rift Beasts, Rift Casters, Rift Summoners, Rift Jackals, Rift Ogres, Ogre Mages and Warmaster)
  • Custom Drops - Some mobs may include drops of casted tools & weapons, lumps, potions, orbs or crystals
  • Treasure Boxes - Any player that deals damage to a unique is granted a treasure box. These can be opened for a cache of random loot

  • Bag of Holding - All priests can cast. Magically enlarges containers
  • Move Altar Mod - Able push/pull and load altars into vehicles
  • Priests - No priest restricitons. Able to pray unlimited times a day with 20 minute cooldown
  • Sacrifice Mod - Chance to get a rare bone when sacrificing a full weight rare item
  • Spell Craft - Max faith increased to 200. Favor regeneration ticks once per second.
  • Spell Mod - Opens all spell lists to all priests (given the minimum faith is achieved for that spell)
  • Some spells tweaked for difficulty, timers, minimum faith, favor and cooldowns
  • Statuette QL and rarity will impact spell casting
  • Mycelium enabled for BL priests/followers

  • Crop Mod - Crops will never turn to weeds. Growth timers tick every 2 hours
  • Harvest From Cart - You may harvest your crops while embarked on a vehicle
  • Improved Farming - Equip (like a wepon) a rake to automatically replant what you just harvested

  • Starter Gear - Players start with helpful extras that makes getting started easier (stone chisel, whestone, cotton and more)
  • Cooking Affinities - Meals and drinks affinity buffs are tied to the cook, not the person eating. So if Jack makes toffee and it gives butchering affinity buff, all players that eat Jack's toffee will get butchering affinity buff. Visit http://wurmfood.com/ and use the tool to calibrate the calculator to your character. The lower section will then allow you to see what foods are tied to which skills on that cook.
  • Meditate Mod - No cooldowns, no distance from last spot cap, unlimited skill ticks per day and path question timer halved.
  • Prospect Mod - Prospect mine floors similar to the surface for easily locating veins
  • Skill Mod - 

  Creatures and Crafting
  • Ash Produce - Burning containers (campfire, oven, forge) produce ash as a byproduct
  • Fire Burn Time - Displays the exact time until a fire becomes a burning layer of coals
  • Better Dig - Digging operations utilize cart storage or the ground for dirt storage and transfer 
  • Enchanted Grass Effect - Creatures born on enchanted grass have a random negative trait removed at time of birth
  • Bulk Transport Mod - Allows for moving up to 1000 items at a time between BSBs or FSBs and crates
  • Bulk Sort - Group items in BSB/FSB into tiered groups at 10QL intervals up to 90Q. At 90QL items are grouped at 1QL intervals. Using "Bless" on the BSB/FSB disables bulk sort on that container
  • Double Bulk Capacity - Increased capacity on BSBs and crates
  • Creature Age - Bred creatures grow to mature stage faster, enabling players to hitch, ride and breed them sooner.
  • Hitch Limits - Allows almost any creature to be hitched, stay passive while hitched, and not unhitch due to age
  • Stable Master - Transform a lead creature into a 'token' (inventory portable item) and back. Note: Do not redeem tokens in a mine. The creature will appear on the surface
  • Additional Kingdom Items - Craft freedom and non-freedom wagons, tents, flags, banners and pavillions

  Extras and 'mini events'
  • Announcer - Announces players logging in
  • Recall Rune Mod - For setting your own teleport points
  • Village Portal System - Allows for easy travel to other deeds and explore the server
  • Epic Mission Hints - Earn sleep bonus doing epic missions
  • Supply Depot - 
  • Treasure Map Mod - Find treasure maps while hunting, digging, mining or fishing. Follow link for a detailed explanation.