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Information Village Portal System
Posted by: Telseron - 02-06-2017, 02:00 PM - Forum: Server Rules and Information - No Replies

The village portal system works alongside the recall rune system.

The village portal system features a central transit hub, located at the starter area comprised of rows of village portals.  These portals are for use by all players and their use for exploration of the map, casual visiting and admiration of other deeds design is highly encouraged.  Do not by shy about using village portals.  Most deeds welcome visitors.

To use a village portal, step close to the portal, right click the portal and choose "Port".

You will teleport to the village that the portal is bound to.  Nearby should be a return portal marked "Transit Hub Portal". 

If you have founded a new deed and wish to request a transit hub portal, simply submit a support ticket with your village name and one will be set up as quickly as possible for you.

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  Post a story!
Posted by: Fdancer - 02-06-2017, 03:02 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hey all! Throwing a challenge out to everyone to post stories, plans you're doing.. anything exciting Smile

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Information Recall Rune Information
Posted by: Telseron - 02-06-2017, 02:59 AM - Forum: Server Rules and Information - No Replies

The recall rune system allows a player to quickly recall to locations previously marked on individual runes.

Recall runes are crafted using a marble brick and a stone chisel.

Recall runes can only be marked once but used unlimited times.  To mark a recall rune, travel to the location that the rune will be bound to, right click the blank rune and choose "Rune-Mark" from the menu.

You can then use that rune from any location on the map to return to that spot.

You can also share marked locations by dropping your rune to the ground in front of another player and allowing them to right click and recall from that rune.  They do not need to pick the rune up.  Once they arrive at your marked location, they can mark their own rune for future travel

Each rune can be renamed to reflect the marked location.  As they weigh very little, it is recommended that the runes be stored in a satchel in the players inventory.

Recall runes will not decay, thus to destroy one, it is recommended that the user sacrifice it to their deity.

A led animal will teleport with the player to the marked location, but will "un-lead" itself when arriving.  It is better to "tokenize" the animal and carry the token in your inventory when using the recall rune system.

To tokenize your led animal, simply right click the animal and choose "Exchange animal".  This will place a token of the animal in your inventory.  When you arrive at the rune destination, right click the token and choose "Redeem animal".

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Information Treasure Hunting Mod Information
Posted by: Telseron - 02-06-2017, 02:54 AM - Forum: Server Rules and Information - No Replies

The Treasure Hunting System is a custom mod unique to this server at this time.  It may be released for general use by other servers.

The Treasure Hunting System functions in the background.  Simply performing common daily tasks in Wurm can allow you to find a mysterious treasure map.

Treasure maps may be found by Hunting, Fishing, Digging and Mining.

Discovery of a treasure map will be accompanied by a distinct noise and the swirling rare item visual effect.

Treasure maps discovered by hunting will appear in the corpse of the slain creature.  Treasure maps discovered by Fishing, Digging and Mining will appear in your inventory.  

Treasure maps vary by quality.  The quality of the map affects the quality and quantity of the treasure inside the chest as well as the guardian creatures protecting the treasure.

A low ql map (10) may be guarded by rats and wildcats, whereas a 70QL map may be guarded by no-gumps and rift creatures.

A Treasure Map can be damaged in a forge to reduce it's effective quality.  This will allow lower fight skill players to be able to use their higher QL maps.  The loot contents of the chest and the mobs guarding it will appear at the effective level of the map.

Effective quality level can be calculated as: 

  • effective quality = quality * (100 - damage) / 100

Locating the map
To locate the treasure, activate your compass and right click the map, choose read map.  This system uses the Locate Soul mechanism for reflecting distances.  You may read the map while mounted on horse or cart.  Smart use of village portals in conjunction with map readings can greatly reduce the amount of time and travel necessary to locate the treasure chest.

Eventually you will work yourself closer to the treasure chest until you are "Practically standing on the spot".  Once this happens, it is recommended that you dismount and lead your horse or be prepared to mount your cart quickly when the chest guardians appear.

To dig the treasure, activate your shovel while standing on the spot and right click the map, choose "Dig Treasure".

When you have finished digging, the guardians will likely show up and you may have to fight them to be able to open the treasure chest.

If you are attempting a higher QL map, consider marking a rune prior to digging up the treasure.  This will allow you to return to a populated location, solicit assistance and return to the treasure location using your marked rune (share the rune by dropping it to the ground so that your fellow warriors may port there)

Do not leave guardians alive.  It is considered poor form to hunt down a 80ql treasure map and leave very tough monsters alive that will likely attack some poor unsuspecting nearby settlement.

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