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  Merchant at Vynora's Retreat
Posted by: Elric - 05-17-2017, 01:12 AM - Forum: Village Merchants - Replies (2)

Currently offering 4-speed horses and steel tools

soon to be offering 5-speed horses

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  Network outage
Posted by: Ikeprof - 03-22-2017, 12:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

The Comcast page went from an ETA of 9:00 pm EST to unknown. 


Will be sleep bonus for all when Internet is back

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  Screenshots Thread
Posted by: Telseron - 03-11-2017, 02:54 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

C'mon, show off your creations

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  Power outage
Posted by: Ikeprof - 03-09-2017, 04:40 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Power is out here. Will bring the server back up as soon as power is restored

Hope for no database corruption

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  Mass Recall
Posted by: Telseron - 03-06-2017, 01:56 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

This is why we can't have nice things!

Err, this is what happens when everyone recalls to the same spot at the same time

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Posted by: Badbobbad - 02-28-2017, 05:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Beware of a blue dragon roaming the forests near Crystal Winds and Mandalore.  He will burn your face off. 

I may take some time here to build a cave trap for him and we can plan for a slaying!


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  Server Mods
Posted by: Telseron - 02-27-2017, 03:12 AM - Forum: Server Rules and Information - No Replies

Announcer - announces players logging in
Ash Produce - burning containers (oven, forge, campfire) produce ash as a byproduct
Bag of Holding - magically enlarge containers
Better Combat Log - colorized combat log
Better Dig - digging operations (dig, level) utilize cart storage or the ground for dirt storage and transfer)
Bounty Mod - get paid for killing creatures at the kings behest
Bulk Transport Mod
Chest Claim 
Crop Mod - no more weeds if you can't tend your fields right away
Double Bulk Capacity
Epic Mission Hints - Earn sleep bonus doing epic missions
Fire Burn Time
Hitching Post
Hitch Limits (allows almost any creature to be hitched, stay passive while hitched and not unhitch due to age)
Meditate Mod
Moon Metal Mining Mod
Move Altar Mod
Pick More Sprouts
Prospect Mod

Recall Rune Mod (allows for recall to marked locations from anywhere on the map)
Sacrifice Mod (rare bone chance)
Skill Mod
Spell Mod 
Stable Master
Starter Gear
Treasure Map Mod - find treasure maps while hunting, digging, mining or fishin

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  Characteristics skill gain above 31
Posted by: Halmaz - 02-26-2017, 01:36 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

In Wurm Unlimited there is a softcap of characteristics skillgain (body, mind, soul and subskills) when you reach 31 skill in these.
The skillgain drops to 1/18th from the same actions at this point.

I would suggest to modify this to a more relaxed curve, getting higher characteristics is quite an important thing in Wurm...

[18:24:39] Mind logic increased by 0.0002 to 30.9998
[18:24:55] Mind logic increased by 0.0002 to 31.0002
[18:25:12] Mind logic increased by 0.000011 to 31.000212

All above is from continuous mining.

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  Dragon's Keep Market
Posted by: Devily - 02-18-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: Village Merchants - No Replies

Hi all,

Im planning to make a big market over at Dragons keep.

If people are interested id like to know who wants to put up a merchant over there so i can start make stalls and a nice area.

Kind regards,

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Exclamation Server Rules
Posted by: Telseron - 02-06-2017, 06:52 PM - Forum: Server Rules and Information - No Replies

No Griefing
Griefing:  An act which serves of no value to the player performing the act but causes distress or loss to another player.  In other words, doing something that does not benefit you in a material manner, yet causes pain to another player.

Examples:  Cutting down perimeter tree's, disrupting/disturbing roads or points of interest, killing domestic animals on deed.

The fact that the server allows an action does not mean it can be performed with no consequences

Be Nice

Our server is made up of people of all ages, races, gender, religions etc.  None of that matters and should never be discussed in a manner to hurt someone or make them feel uncomfortable.  We come here to escape the unpleasant real world, leave that stuff out of the game.

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